What should I pay attention to when buying diamond jewelry for the first time?

Buying and owning a diamond for the first time is an extremely valuable and memorable experience. However, because the value of diamonds is extremely large, when buying diamond jewelry for the first time, you need to grasp a few notes below. Tìm hiểu trước những thuật ngữ liên quan đến kim cương Để bước vào […]

Jewelry trends for successful business people

In the opinion of some people, the appearance of an entrepreneur means affirming status and class. Therefore, many successful businessmen choose jewelry to accentuate their appearance. In this article, Sherlyn Diamond suggests you 3 jewelry trends to help enhance the classy and aristocratic appearance of business people. Xu hướng trang sức – Nhẫn đính kèm […]

How do office ladies choose to buy diamond bracelets?

In the office environment, building an elegant, dynamic and confident image is extremely important. Wearing jewelry, specifically diamond bracelets, also contributes a significant part to helping office ladies create a personal image. So how to choose a suitable bracelet? Let’s refer to the experiences Sherlyn Diamond shared below! Diamond bracelet brings youthfulness and elegance Diamonds […]